Medical Marijuana Delivery Service

It is common for dispensaries to offer delivery services to patients at their homes, especially in cases where the patient is too ill to physically visit the storefront and a caregiver is not present. However, there are special requirements for the legal delivery of medical marijuana.  You will need a Seller’s Permit from the State Board of Equalization, a business license from any city in which you plan to deliver, and other pertinent documentation. In addition, there is necessary paperwork and licenses that your drivers must carry in order to protect their rights.

Please let Our Firm issue you a warning: Under Arizona law, delivery services remain a legal uncertainty.  These services are neither directly permitted nor directly prohibited by state law.  This means it is not uncommon for local authorities to create their own regulations.  In order to best protect yourself, your patients and your drivers, it is highly advised that you meet with an attorney prior to instituting a delivery service at your dispensary.

If you are considering incorporating your medical marijuana collective or offering delivery services, please contact Our Firm for hassle free assistance.